HEADS UP: rate limiting is coming

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 05:36 PM

Lawton Campbell.8517 said: This will only affect API keys on 3rd party tools. This has no effect on anything in-game.

It's kind of a hassle on my end, but that's what we're probably going to have to do. The main logic is that, since we're doing IP-based rate limiting, it's trivial to get around by just buying a $2.50 VPS or twelve. That's silly and wasteful, so we'll probably have a signup process for getting IPs whitelisted for a higher limit.

Whitelisting is a super annoying approach for everyone, but it lets me explicitly tag requests with the originating site and graph them and so forth. So if something goes totally haywire I can look at the chart and have a better clue what's going wrong, which is something I can't easily do today.

Tens of thousands. This is my fault for not implementing rate-limiting sooner :<

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