HEADS UP: rate limiting is coming

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 09:54 PM

Lawton Campbell.8517 said: Not currently. Due to volume, we don't keep detailed request logs; I know how many requests each endpoint handles, but not where the requests are coming from.

Not currently; probably going to add something like that in for applications to request higher rate limits, but not require it for access. Not requiring this means there's no barrier to entry, which is something I prefer. Requiring it for high-usage apps means I can track request volume on a per-application basis and can get a better idea of what happens when something goes wrong.

Note that since we're going to use IP-based rate-limiting, this is mostly moot for client-side requests. If you've got a browser app sending more than 600 requests/minute that's … probably not the best way of going about it. Increased rate limits only really make sense when you're doing a bunch of stuff on a server (with a fixed IP, hopefully) like persisting historical data, tracking aggregate metrics, providing indexing, etc....

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