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Posted 02 July 2015 - 04:35 AM

Hello, just some things i've oberserved compared to other build sites.

I will use this build as an example:-


- Need to add cooldown numbers to traits that have them. For example what is the cooldown of Hard to Catch and Pain response in the Acrobatics line?

-Resourceful trapper in the Deadly Arts line is not in the game. Needs to be replaced with Trappers Respite.

-Armor and weapon stats need to effect weapon skills and utilities. I.e If we run healing power as a part of our armor stats we need to see how much more healing we will get when we run our mouse over the skill. Same with weapon or attack skills. Would like to see the attack damage changed to stat changes to the build.

-The same again with Active boon effects. If it is activated would like the change reflected in weapon/util skills.

-The same again for weapon sigils. These changes are reflected in the stat totals however not in the weapon/util skills.

-The weapon and utility skills also need to reflect armor effects. For example in the build is running trap runes which apply super speed and stealth on use. Would be good if the trap utility skills reflected these effects.

-Also the build posted uses Trappers Respite (though shown incorrectly as resourceful trapper) As this will proc the rune effects as well it would be good if the tool tip over the trait also reflected this.

-The boons & effects, conditions, control, fields and finishers area. Would be good to see all of these which the build can apply and when hovering a mouse of the boon/condition/effect, what are the sources and what is their damage/intensity/duration.

That's all I can think of for now. I haven't read through previous posts so sorry if these have already mentioned, or were all a previous function prior to the update and trait changes to GW2.

I do appreciate the resource!
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