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Posted 28 February 2023 - 05:01 PM

We’re kicking off this month with extraordinary spring sales! But before we give you the scoop, we want to tell you about some of the changes we’re making to our sales schedule. You can read about additional Gem Store improvements in the weekly Gem Store blog post.

March Sales Item Availability

We’ve heard the community’s feedback that the previous 24-hour Gem Store sales format made it too easy to miss the items you’re most interested in. This year, sale items will be available for several days, and some sale items will be offered for up to a full week. Barring a few exceptions, we will also be putting categories of items on sale together, including older items.

Black Lion Requisition Missions

Evon Gnashblade employs some of Tyria’s finest crafters, and demand for their work is exploding! The Black Lion Trading Company has an immediate need for raw materials to keep up with product orders. You can help—and collect valuable Black Lion goods as your fee.

Each week in March, Black Lion Requisition Officers will accept deliveries of various raw materials and reward you with goods like boosters and Black Lion Statuettes. Help meet the demand for multiple weeks to receive greater rewards, including a Black Lion Claim Ticket—and more!

Black Lion Requisition Officers will be stationed near Black Lion Traders in all major cities. Seek them out for instructions on how to get in on this deal.


March Sales

Read on to see what’s hot at the Black Lion Trading Company! Every week there’s something new at fantastic discounts. Enhance your adventures in Tyria with cosmetic skins for your wardrobe, convenient account upgrades, and more!

Log in and visit the Guild Wars 2 Gem Store during the sale to see the available items in each category.

Week 1
  • February 28–March 6: 30% Off All Gliders and Backpack and Glider Combos
  • February 28–March 2: 20% Off Black Lion Chest Keys
  • March 3–9: 30% Off Shared Inventory Slots
Week 2
  • March 7–March 13: 30% Off All Unique Weapon Skins
  • March 10–16: 25% Off Bag Slot Expansions
Week 3
  • March 14–20: 30% Off All Standalone Unique Mount Skins
  • March 17–23: 30% Off Bank Slot Expansions and Storage Expanders
Week 4
  • March 21–27: 30% Off Outfits
  • March 24–30: 25% Off Character Slots Expansions and Equipment and Build Template Expansions
  • March 28–31: 30% Off Unique Armor Skins

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