Top GW2 Tournament Builds & Comps

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Posted 19 September 2012 - 05:48 PM


I'm going to try and add as many top builds to this as possible so if you know of any please link them in a reply and I'll add them to this list.

Tournaments of Legends (na) 5/4/2014

Team Lonely
Wallbreaker - necomancer - http://intothemists....W8T;1hoHAhoHA1z

Tournaments of Legends (eu) 4/27/2014

Helseth - Mesmer http://intothemists....l6I;1H7W3H7W35o
Denshee - Elementalist http://intothemists....So1;3H7W3H7W30z
Rom - Warrior http://intothemists....l3R;1H7W3H7W36p
Sizer - Thief http://intothemists....l3U;1H7W3H7W35J
Tage - Guardian http://intothemists....06U;1ZF18ZF183y

Posi - Necromancer condi http://intothemists....m6V;1hoHAhoHA2Q / Power http://intothemists....l3L;1JF04JF045k

GW2 Invitational Builds 7/28/13 (Reddit Post Link)

Team Paradigm
Azshene's Gaurdian - http://intothemists....64;1ZF18ZF183Na
Xeph's Thief - http://intothemists....45;1KJG4KJG45BU(may be 0/30/0/30/10)
Teldo's Engi - http://intothemists....Tw;4hoHAhoHA2cj(switching out rocket boots/elixir r)
Phantaram's Necro - http://intothemists....7E;1hoHAhoHA2VR
Symbolic's Ranger - http://intothemists....7E;1Rk06Rk061VC

"I'm fairly sure these are the exact builds used on Team Paradigm, maybe a few sigils are wrong but 95%+ of that should be right. I could give you what I think CC's builds were but they may be incorrect." - Symbolic

Car Crash
Lady Nag Nag's Thief - http://intothemists....45;1KJG4KJG45BU
Super's Engi -http://intothemists....Tw;4hoHAhoHA2co
Lord Nag Nag's Guardian - http://intothemists....k6;2ZF18ZF183Nk(I have no idea about this build, it's similar to this but i'm clueless, sorry!)
Posi's Necro - http://intothemists....k2;2hoHAhoHA2Vp
Mogow's Ele - http://intothemists....UJ;4G3G3G3G34BO

"Again, these are just estimations but their builds are something similar to these." - Symbolic

Tournament Builds and Comps Pre 6/25/13 Patch

You are the Future Charity (6/09/13) SOAC/TDTV Tournament
Sataarcoeny - Mesmer - Phantasm http://intothemists....V4;2JF04JF0D5BE
I'm a Pimp(Davinci) - Guardian - Support/Bunker (0/5/5/30/30) http://intothemists....0U;1ZF18ZF183gJ
Qahboom - Engineer - Support/Condition (ToolKit/Elixir Gun) http://intothemists....-1;35NV05NV09VS
Matrix E - Elementalist - S/D-2 Cantrips http://intothemists....o0;3Ewk2Ewk24BF
Iyl Ovi Iyl - Ranger - Shortbow BM http://intothemists....0W;1nBnBnBnB9Nh

DPS IRL (6/09/13) SOAC/TDTV Tournament
That Happy Kid - Mesmer - Staff Shatter http://intothemists....l6;2G3G3G3G35BL
Hman - Elementalist - D/D Aurashare http://intothemists....UN;4sV2DsV2D4BL
Apollo - Memsmer - Phantasm (Mass Invisibility) http://intothemists....6C;1KJG4KJG45BF
Wakkey - Elementalist - D/D Aurashare http://intothemists....UN;4sV2DsV2D4BR
Luci Lee - Thief - S/D-S/D http://intothemists....6L;1KJG4KJG45BX

SOAC Red (6/09/13) SOAC/TDTV Tournament
Zombify - Necromancer - Wells http://intothemists....H6;2KJ05NV051Zk
Zoose - Elementalist - S/D - 2 Cantrips http://intothemists....VN;4Ewk2Ewk24Bg
Vexeus - Elementalist - D/D (Cleansing waters, not Aura Share) http://intothemists....UN;4sV2DsV2D4BM
Sunny - Guardian - Support/Bunker (Shaman Amulet) http://intothemists....0U;1ZF18ZF183gJ
Caed - Thief - S/D-S/D (Valkyrie Amulet) http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk24BX

Doesn't Matter (6/02/13) Guru Master of the Mists NA
Elementalist Blinx - d/d teamfight/support http://intothemists....071-Uwl6Uwl66BY
Elementalist Blinx - d/d http://intothemists....071-Ewk2Ewk26BN
Elementalist Blinx - d/d back node roamer http://intothemists....071-Ewk2Ewk24Bb
Elementalist Blinx - s/d bunker http://intothemists....071-Rk06Rk063gK
Elementalist Blinx - s/d burst dps http://intothemists....071-G3G3G3G34BO
Elementalist Blinx - d/d roamer/backcapper http://intothemists....071-Ewk2Ewk24BP
Gibbly's Condi Necro - Scepter/Dagger + Staff (Video Guide)
Thief Jumper S/D + S/D - http://intothemists....64;1KJG4KJG45BW

Team Sleepy (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Mesmer - Cutie http://intothemists....l6;2sV2DsV2D5BB
Ranger - Folly http://intothemists....77;1Rk06Rk069cu
Elementalist - Shan http://intothemists....71;3Rk06Rk063NA
Guardian - Lily http://intothemists....1U;1ZF18ZF183NG
Thief - Hemo http://intothemists....V4;2G3G3G3G35Bl

Being OP is Hard (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Elementalist - Ojos loco http://intothemists....w0;3TsW6TsW69cS
Guardian - Dominus Tusur http://intothemists....l6;2ZF18ZF183NK
Thief - Ackwin http://intothemists....X0;2KJG4KJG45BG
Mesmer - Illusionary Truth http://intothemists....V4;2JF04JF0D5Ba
engineer - Nothingg E http://intothemists....Vo;45NV05NV02Vz

Am I Mad (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Engineer - Qaliboom http://intothemists....-1;35NV05NV01Zi
Ranger - lyl Ovi lyl http://intothemists....H7;2nBnBnBnB9Nn
Mesmer - Sataarcoeny http://intothemists....k6;2JF04JF0D5BC (Phantasm Build)
Guardian - Doyourbestbear http://intothemists....1U;1ZF18ZF183RL
Guardian - Arken Elric http://intothemists....F7;2F-03F-035ke (Staff + Hammer /w berserker's amulet)

Made in Meta (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Mesmer - Azani http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk25Ba
Guardian Bier Jungerin http://intothemists....0U;1ZF18ZF183Rj
Engineer - MIM Sam http://intothemists....Kw;4hoHAhoHA2VM
Elementalist - Ultima http://intothemists....LJ;4G3G3G3G34BM
Elementalist - Ultima http://intothemists....XJ;4Ewk2Ewk23RT (Offensive Bunker)
Thief - MIM Soldark http://intothemists....W4;2Ewk2Ewk25BV

Booty Bakery (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Mesmer - Nnightx http://intothemists....l6;2Ewk2Ewk25BC
Necromancer - Well Whale Well http://intothemists....78;1hoHAhoHA1FT
Guardian - Morfeus http://intothemists....m6;2ZF18ZF183RD
Elementalist - Chubbs Z http://intothemists....N0;3sV2DsV2D4Bw
Engineer - Madman Hiba http://intothemists....s0;3hoHAhJG42FO

SOAC (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Elementalist - Zoose http://intothemists....N0;3Ewk2Ewk24BD
Guardian - Sunny http://intothemists....l6;2ZF18ZF189RC
Thief - Caed http://intothemists....W4;2Ewk2Ewk25BA
Necromancer - Lil Zombify http://intothemists....17;2hoHAhoHA1FC
Elementalist - Vexeussss http://intothemists....w0;3sV2DsV2D4Bf

Team PZ (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Necromancer - Java Looks Happy http://www.intothemi...17;2hoHAhoHA1FM
Elemenetalist - Little Min http://intothemists....4A;6sV2DsV2D5Bx
Guardian - Lil Aly http://intothemists....89;6ZF18ZF188Rr
Engineer - Uhiwi http://intothemists....So;4Rk06Rk062VI
Engineer - Kaypud http://intothemists....o0;3KJW3Hgk12Vs

Academy of the Mists (5/26/13) MMORPG GW2 NA Invitational
Mesmer - St Annie Clark http://www.intothemi...V6;2TsW6TsW65BS
Guardian - Sky Avalon http://www.intothemi...8A;9ZF18ZF185Bo
Thief - Saber The Spikeless http://www.intothemi...0d;1Ewk2Ewk25BE
Mesmer - Mesmerizing http://www.intothemi...5A;6Ewk2Ewk25BO
Engineer - Tiny Wonton http://www.intothemi...-1;3jwmAjwmA7ZA

That's So Pish (5/19/13) GW2GURU Masters of the Mists
Thief - Jim Battlemaster http://intothemists....45;1G3G3G3G35Bp
Elementalist - Selthorn http://intothemists....LJ;4G3G3G3G33Bi
Mesmer - Zorbl The Mesmer http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk25Bd
Ranger - Moar One Spam http://intothemists....77;1Rk06Rk069cn
Guardian - Guardian Of Pish http://intothemists....k6;2Uwl6Uwl63Ni

Chieftain Ninjas (5/19/13) GW2GURU Masters of the Mists
Elementalist - Wanabe Thief http://intothemists....AU;5Uwl6Uwl63NA
Thief - Jexster http://intothemists....V4;2KJG4KJG45BU
Guardian - Tage http://intothemists....0U;1ZF18ZF189RT
Warrior - R O M http://intothemists....0L;1KJG4KJG45Bi
Mesmer - Illusionary Purie http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk25Bc
Engineer - Purie http://intothemists....-1;3Cok1A7W32VM (used on foe fire)

Team Paradigm (5/19/13) GW2GURU Masters of the Mists
Elementalist - Phantaram http://intothemists....LJ;4sV2DsV2D4BD
Guardian - Azshene http://intothemists....64;1ZF18ZF183Ni
Engineer - Teldo http://intothemists....Tw;4hoHAhoHA2VN
Mesmer - Xeph http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk25Bc
Ranger - Niah http://intothemists....78;1nBnBnBnB9cG

AKGL Phantom Team (5/19/13) GW2GURU Masters of the Mists
Thief - Monkeycrafty http://intothemists....W4;2G3G3G3G35BI
Mesmer - Phantom Purple http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk25Bc
Ranger - Thrul http://intothemists....6E;1nBnBnBnB9cO
Guardian - Phantom Xttra http://intothemists....64;1ZF18ZF183Nf
Ranger - Sir Battosal http://intothemists....17;2KJGAhoHA1Fn

Made in Meta (5/19/13) GW2GURU Masters of the Mists
Mesmer - Azani http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk25Ba
Guardian - MIM Sam http://intothemists....0U;1ZF18ZF183NV
Engineer - MIM Mouby http://intothemists....0o0-AgV3HJG42Vm
Elementalist - Ultima http://intothemists....N0;3nBnBnNYC9Rs
Thief - MIM Suldaris http://intothemists....V4;2KJG4KJG45BX

The Civilized Gentlemen (5/19/13) GW2GURU Masters of the Mists
Mesmer - Lord Helseth http://intothemists....0U;1Ewk2Ewk25BM
Elementalist - Denshee http://intothemists....LJ;4Ewk2Ewk24BS
Guardian - Mr Danto http://intothemists....1U;1ZF18ZF183Nf
Elementalist - Hyxorcisten http://intothemists....UV;4Uwl6Uwl63NV
Thief - Ivanishyouwipe http://intothemists....V4;2G3G3G3G35Bk

Team Paradigm EU (5/5/13)
Warrior-Hman (Subbing for Phantaram)
Guardian-Azshene (Running Sanctuary)

IRON (5/5/13)
Thief-Jim (Sword Dagger)
Guardian-Ghnoy (Running with a scepter)
Elementalist-Vexeus (Running D/D)

MIM (5/5/13)
Warrior-E R O M E

TMO (5/5/13)
Engineer-Bry z

HARL (5/5/13)
Elementalist-Cara Melting
Necromancer-Waffle Wrath

IDL (5/5/13)
Thief Kutlas

Team Paradigm EU (5/4/13)

That's so Pish (5/4/13)

Tournament Builds

PZ Builds
Powerr's Bunker Guardian - Roletype: Bunker, Backpoint Defender
Kaypud's DPS Guardian - Roletype: Farpoint Assaulter
Backpoint Guardian - Roletype: Backpoint Defender
Roaming Greatsword Warrior - Roletype: Roamer (Combo Video Guide)
Pistol Pistol Unload Thief - Roletype: Team Fighter
Dagger Burst Thief - Roletype: Team Fighter
Tanky Caltrops Thief - Roletype: Farpoint Assaulter
Tanky Trap Ranger - Roletype: Treb User, Farpoint Assaulter
Melee Ranger - Roletype: Treb User, Farpoint Assaulter, Duelist
Kirmora's Mesmer - Roletype: Backpoint Defender
Powerr's TRW Necro - Roletype: Team Fighter, Ranged Carry
Carrion Wells Necro - Roletype: Team Fighter
Tanky Epidemic Necro - Roletype: Team Fighter, Ranged Carry
Zefrost's Dagger Hybrid - Roletype: Bunker Buster, Team Fighter
Powerr's S/D Ele - Roletype: Roamer, Tank, Farpoint Assault, Backpoint Defender, Bunker
Hybrid Dagger Ele - Roletype: Shutdown, Farpoint Assaulter, Treb Killer
Staff Tank Ele - Roletype: Tank, Farpoint Assaulter, Treb Killer
HGH Engi - Roletype: Far Point Assault, backpoint Defender, Teamfighter, Support
Condi Burst Engi - Roletype: Teamfighter, Duelist, Counter Shutdown

Curse EU
Danto's Guardian Bunker - Roletype: Bunker (Video Guide)
Tokyomurai's Engineer - Roletype: Bunker, Node Defense (Video Guide)

Team Paradigm EU Builds
Reyon's Thief - Sword/Pistol+Shortbow Power Main Build
Reyon's Necromancer - Scepter/Dagger+Staff Condition/Support
Teldo's Engineer - Pistol/Shield Condition
Teldo's Engineer - 100 Nades
Teldo's Engineer - Rifle Power
Teldo's Engineer - Pistol/Shield Support
Azshene's Guardian - Sword/Torch+Scepter/Shield Hybrid
Azshene's Guardian - Greatsword+Hammer
Xeph's Mesmer - Sword/Pistol+Staff Hybrid
Phantaram's Elementalist - Scepter/Dagger Power

Team Paradigm NA Builds
Tempest I's Thief - Sword/Pistol+Shortbow Power
Tempest I's Engineer - Rifle Power
Tempest I's Elementalist - Dagger/Dagger Power
Tempest I's Guardian - Sword/Torch+Scepter/Shield Hybrid
Tempest I's Mesmer - Sword/Pistol+Staff Power
Tempest I's Ranger - Sword/Warhorn+Shortbow Hybrid
Tempest I's Warrior - Sword/Shield+Axe/Warhorn Power Support
Moist Guardian - Scepter/Shield+Sword/Focus Bunker
Mwiff Necromancer - Scepter/Dagger+Staff Condition/Support
Xee Mesmer - Sword/focus+Staff Power Shatter
Xee Mesmer - Sword/Sword+Staff Phantasm
Xee Mesmer - Shanky Build

No Scrub Builds
Ayra's Thief - Dagger/Dagger+Shortbow Condition/Healing (Gameplay)
Can't Stop The Chop's Warrior - Greatsword+Mace/Shield (Video Guide)
Can't Stop The Chop's Warrior - Greatsword+Sword/Shield (Video Guide)
Can't Stop The Chop's Warrior - Hammer+Sword/Shield

Super Squad Builds
Lowell's Thief - Pistol/Dagger+Shortbow Condition
Fredzw's Warrior - Greatsword+Sword/Shield
Fredzw's Shout Warrior - Greatsword+Mace/Shield
Lastivka's Guardian - Sword/Shield+Greatsword Power
Izkimar Elementalist - Staff Support
Erho Necromancer - Scepter/Dagger+Staff Condition Support

Gibbly's Condi Necro - Scepter/Dagger + Staff (Video Guide) (5/11/13)
Nemesis's Necro Minion Master - Dagger or Axe/Warhorn + Staff (Video Guide) (5/3/13)
Jumper's Thief - Sword/Dagger New Flanking Strike Build (5/2/13)
Jumper's Thief Death Blossom - Dagger/Dagger+Shortbow
Gundorix's Elementalist - AURAS Dagger/Dagger (Video Guide)
blacktruth009's War - Roaming Initiator/Support/Pseudo-Point Holder (Combo Video Guide)
blacktruth009's War - Warhorn Support + Sustained DPS
blacktruth009's War - Chain Immobilize + Stun Melee DPS Axe + Mace
blacktruth009's War - Frenzy Hammer "Face Down On The Ground"
blacktruth009's War - Extremely Mobile Melee DPS Carry
blacktruth009's War - DPS Chain Stun + Immobilize (May use Frenzy instead of "Fear Me")
blacktruth009's War - Range + Melee DPS Carry

"One hears but one does not seek; one takes - one does not ask who gives; a thought flashes up like lightning, it comes of necessity and unfalteringly formed" - Ecce Homo
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#2 letchkins



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 01:32 AM

I was terrible at Fredzw's warrior. Anyone have any decent recommendations for running that build? I couldn't really close very well on targets that had any kiting ability. Maybe I'm just spoiled by using thief and greatsword/rifle warriors...
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Posted 18 October 2012 - 07:31 AM

I dont like using a staff as mesmer. i dont seem to hand it out as much as i do with a greatsword.
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#4 Edmonton



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Posted 20 October 2012 - 05:14 PM

Only been running a mesmer for a short while recently but the more I use staff and get used to it the more I like it.

The big thing is that you can stack up a lot of status effects and you need to remember that your clones (not phantasms) will do the same basic attack you do with your staff except without the direct damage. This means that if you quickly create 3 clones and let them attack once, you can get 4 status effects on your target very quickly.

Your '2' skills fairly low CD (especially with 20% image generate trait) that can also be used as a dodge is nice, and when in combo with your '5' skill GIVES you chaos armor (your '4' skill as well) so by using CD's you can give yourself a bit of defensive buffs while putting conditions on your target.

Their '3' skill allows you to create some phantasms that deal a nice amount of damage that scales +10% per different status effect (works well with a necro duo), while also letting you shatter them and then create a new set of images for additional burst (especially useful since phantasms seem to attack then pause for a bit so if you time your shatter right after they attack once you can get in some decent burst when they may not be expecting it).

Anyway that's just my thoughts, I have been super busy recently and havn't had much time to practice but I would suggest trying to run it at least for a while just to get used to it/see what it can do. Sometimes you may find an odd combo that feels awkward but just works fairly well/gives you that extra utility that enemies arn't expecting.
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#5 jadali



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Posted 05 November 2012 - 04:45 AM

thanks for updating this!
tis quite a collection
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#6 Whac



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Posted 20 November 2012 - 01:16 PM

I have found the following Necro build to work well, Staff, Scepter/Dagger, the burst with the pets is very nice, wells do there job.

Here is my Guardian build, I think I've tried them all, personally this works the best

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Posted 03 February 2013 - 07:01 PM

Yah I'm having a hell of a time finding a build I like for my guardian in any kind of PvP environment; whether it be WvW or sPvP. I love it for running dungeons and many of the builds are - at minimum - functional but I just can't seem to find one I really think is extremely effective in either situation really. By either situation I mean dungeons or WvW/sPvP. It's almost hard for me to explain, they all come across as "getting by" but I can't find one that is just superb to me. I've spent WAY more time on it than any of my other 80s and I always feel like I'm doing just enough - kind of like a lack of specialization I guess. My other 80's can tank better, or heal more, or do more damage, etc. but my guardian is just kind of like an old-reliable kind of guy if that makes sense; he'll heal a bit, do some damage, tank a bit, but never really exceed at them. It could just be me but I feel that way with all the builds I've seen or built myself....

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#8 Devourerofmemes


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 07:06 PM

http://intothemists....n-bunker-build/ danto is one of the best guards in the game, this is a video about his sPvP build. He plays for team curse. Although maybe you've already checked it out since its on the list. I suggest watching his stream if you're not finding success with the build.
"One hears but one does not seek; one takes - one does not ask who gives; a thought flashes up like lightning, it comes of necessity and unfalteringly formed" - Ecce Homo
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#9 iwillpk



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Posted 12 February 2013 - 06:53 AM

http://intothemists....n-bunker-build/ danto is one of the best guards in the game, this is a video about his sPvP build. He plays for team curse. Although maybe you've already checked it out since its on the list. I suggest watching his stream if you're not finding success with the build.

I just want to say I followed your advice and copied his build. My 80 guardian went from my least played character to one of my favorites again. I had most of it very similar but was using the wrong weapons. I can't thank you enough! I spent a ton of hours on my guardian to essentially just completely sideline him; I had kind of given up hope. Honestly I wish I would of found this before I purchased my commander tag because I enjoy this new build so much that I wish it were on my guardian.

As a side note this list is extremely useful to people and I have done my best to send as many people to your site as I can to support it.

Edited by iwillpk, 12 February 2013 - 06:56 AM.

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#10 Devourerofmemes


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Posted 12 February 2013 - 07:09 AM

I'm glad it helped iwillpk, and thanks for the kind words =)
"One hears but one does not seek; one takes - one does not ask who gives; a thought flashes up like lightning, it comes of necessity and unfalteringly formed" - Ecce Homo
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#11 Darcyl



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Posted 08 March 2013 - 12:30 PM


This is my warrior build. I found this build absolutly awesome
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#12 Devourerofmemes


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Posted 08 March 2013 - 07:12 PM

only thing that concerns me about the war build is no stability for stomps, other than that it looks good. I would just replace one of the utilities with balanced stance.
"One hears but one does not seek; one takes - one does not ask who gives; a thought flashes up like lightning, it comes of necessity and unfalteringly formed" - Ecce Homo
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#13 Darcyl



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Posted 09 March 2013 - 01:16 PM

I play this class since the day 1 of the game. Balanced Stance is incredible useless with this build... there is no point in having a 8 sec stability with a 40 second cooldown... stunner class such as the Warrior Stunner or the Engi or Ele support could stun you so many times that 8 sec stability is a completly useless skill. By the way, Endure Pain and Frenzy are both break stun skill.

With my build all movement skills break immobilize, so you have 3 skill to break immobilize... Whirlwind, Rush and Bull's Charge.... this build provide the MAX damage of the warrior... you wont find anything better to deal damage.

I've seen the warrior build posted before and i think that have so many things that are completly useless....

Mending is a healing skill that heal not so much and also cure condition.... ohhh come on... cure 2 condition every 25 sec? Ahahahahah
Conditioner characters deal you 10 condition in 10 sec.... do you realy think that heal 2 of them every 25 sec is useful? Warrior CAN'T heal condition... your team mates has to do it for you... when you need it...

The Axe is NOTHING compared to the powerfull of the rifle... that provides a warrior to even do kyting on the target... and deal up to 10K damage in sPvP with killshot and up to 16K in WvW... You MUST play RIfle in a warrior DPS..

The sigil of bloodlast is useless in PvP or WvW... expecialy in a full DPS character... because you lose all stacks when downed... and even if you are so skilled to resist alive for 25 kill (IT WONT HAPPEN XD)... 25 stacks of bloodlust do not provides you more damage then the sigil of fire... that is about 1500 DMG AOE each proc... proc about every 5/6 sec...

Endure Pain is a skill that MUST be played... a warrior full damage is usualy focused as f***... so you have to play Endure When focused... and leave centre of combat using movement skills... and swich on rifle... rifle can do also an incredible damage.... when they come for you ... you can swich on GS and play whirlwind to attack in evasion trought them... and rush with no target to leave on the other side and stay ranged with rifle again... so they start running around for you while your party hit them... and they probably stop to focus on you ... when they see that you are not possible to be focused more... you regained a lot of health with Healing SIgnet and so you can come back in GS at the centre... it's a movement gameplay... and it's fantastic...

Trust me... it's 2 mounth i play this build self made... in WvW it's even more powerful... and a lot of player in WvW or sPvP asked me for that build... and all of them found that awesome. Trust me ^^

PS: Looking at Fredzw's Warrior build... http://www.intothemi...S7X7ZF18ZF184Bs

Why Discipline Master Trait VI if you don't use any signet? XD
Btw i absolutly don't like shouter warrior... but it's just point of view ^_^

Edited by Darcyl, 09 March 2013 - 01:57 PM.

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#14 Devourerofmemes


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Posted 09 March 2013 - 07:37 PM

You use it for "Finishing" a downed player in tournament play and getting off your burst skills without being cc'd. Its not useless, its point is to last long enough to get your burst and stomp off in 5's. Sure for WvW use enduring pain, but this thread is "Top Tournament Builds". Mending is used to remove cripple or any other cc. Fredzw's build was from when you could swap elites in a match. So you would swap to sig elite if you needed. I updated it since you can no longer do so.
"One hears but one does not seek; one takes - one does not ask who gives; a thought flashes up like lightning, it comes of necessity and unfalteringly formed" - Ecce Homo
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#15 Darcyl



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Posted 10 March 2013 - 01:14 PM

In sPvP i do not risk to do not finish my burst skill because i get stunned but because enemyes play break stun or invulnerability or something like that... to finish a target there are other classes that can do... warrior don't have to finish the target.... warrior have to do DPS... there are so many bunker ele... bunker thief... bunker guardian bunker engi and many other that can finish a target... warrior have to deal damage... 8 second stability with 40 second cooldown is a useless skill... i could try to play different my warrior if the game let you make a build to deal big damage and at least 2 skill to provide stability... or less cooldown... but 8 second for 40 second is realy pointless compared to a 5 second invulnerability that also break stun... on a full DPS character that is use to be focused.

And btw mending removes 2 condition... as i said 2 condition in this game is ridicolous... you will get crippled so many times that mending is completly useless... 1 single skill to remove condition can't gives to the warrior a different tactics to play... because it's a single use and you usualy get crippled again... if you are crippled you just have to swich on rifle.... no need to cure it with mending... losing a more powerful healing skill... as the healing signet.

I can't in any case agree in using mending or the stability skill... if you like to speak more about this you can add me in the game.

It's DARCYLL ...
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#16 Devourerofmemes


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Posted 10 March 2013 - 06:11 PM

I'm fine with agreeing to disagree, considering the warriors with the most qualifier points in both EU and NA use the skills you call "useless" often. I think a lot of builds and skills are viable, but to call balanced stance and mending useless on a melee class that needs to avoid being cc'd to stay on target is a little ridiculous... However, I'm glad you posted your build and I hope others can give it a shot and see if it works for them. I'd also think about 10 points in tactics to pick up the adept trait I leg specialist and you don't need to keep saying btw "Endure Pain and Frenzy are both break stun skill." or "And btw mending removes 2 condition..." I entered the data for the entire calculator and anyone who takes tournament play seriously understands what skills stunbreak and how many conditions mending removes ><.
"One hears but one does not seek; one takes - one does not ask who gives; a thought flashes up like lightning, it comes of necessity and unfalteringly formed" - Ecce Homo
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#17 Darcyl



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Posted 12 March 2013 - 06:36 AM

I just explaind the effect of skills and traits even if all player know just to let you know my point.... not because i think u don't know those things.

I can also say that i know that melee class have to avoid cc xD

Anyway no problem... i just don't mind if people who reported those build are on 1st position in sPvP or not... i'm not in the ladder because i don't play sPvP so much... i prefer WvW... i've met so many player rank 60 or more and duel aganist... they all said "can't belive you are rank 12 ... is that your second account?"

So... even 1st player can lose... or change is build in something better. So pls don't defend your point saing that expert people use that build... because that means nothing.

If you wanna defend a point sai something we can speak about. Something you know about warrior combat.
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#18 LysergicAcid



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Posted 14 March 2013 - 02:32 PM

I play tourneys every day, I ahve around 1500 hours of pvp gameplay and I have to say that a build without stability or even better a team that doesn't use stability will loose most of the 2v2-3v3 fights all time. Stability is one of the msot important things when it comes to downed states. Being able to stomp a guardian with stability can save you almost 5 seconds of time where you could actually save your teammates from being stomped.
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#19 jadali



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Posted 27 March 2013 - 04:24 PM

so i'm guessing the fred shout war rarely uses hundred blades because of the lack of quickness or is there a trick that i'm unaware of?
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#20 zumu



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Posted 03 April 2013 - 11:40 PM

First off, great collection of builds. Thanks for your hard work in compiling them.

However, one must wonder how up to date are they? Anyway we can get a time-stamp as to when they were added in the future?

Moreover, what are your sources exactly?

Thanks in advance!
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